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NewMika FX

Who you are and what you want the world to see you as are not two different things when it comes to your living space. NewMika FX’s carefully curated cladding solutions understands this. Our extensive range of cladding solutions are aesthetically created, scientifically tested and perfectly synergized to your acute sense of self.

Our range of Exterior Grade Compact Laminates are created to walk the length and breadth of the country, challenge any weather or stand the test of time with an ease that comes with expertise. Our exterior grade compact panels are designed with NMEF Technology that ensures that the facades are durable and dependable. UV Resistant coating and high pressure manufactured dense panels, ensure that your facades never lose their charm, come hail or high water.

We come with a 10 year warranty but we stand by for a lot longer. NewMika FX panels are resistant to climatic and weather changes. Challenge us with moisture or corrosive environmental reactions and our panels won’t bat an eyelid!

Our cladding surfaces come with BS1DO, the best in category fire rating that ensures we can walk through fire without catching a spark. Our cladding are also graffiti and stain resistant, termite proof as well as mechanical shock resistant owing to modified phenolic resin that gives our façades, extreme tensile strength and flexibility. The surfaces can withstand extreme temperature variations and are also abrasion resistant.

Our range keep your walls breathable, bacteria free, temperature regulated and completely protected. In short, we let nothing come in between you and your personal space.


Bold statements. Artfully curated. Nature inspired. Take your pick. Explore the world of NewMika FX exterior surface clads in Woodgrain, Abstract and Solid.


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    NewMika FX comes with a special UV-treated coating to prevent fading of surfaces. Making the product fit for usage on exteriors.

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    Temperature Stability

    Maintaining their form and structure even in the face of adversity, these surfaces can withstand temperatures as low as -50° C and as high as 80° C.

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    These surfaces come with BS1DO-the best-in-the-category fire rating. Rest assured they won't go down in flames when in contact with heat and fire.

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    To ensure that termites don’t damage your beautiful décor, the product comes with a termite-resistant treatment.

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    Be it heat, humidity, or extreme cold, these surfaces can handle it all.

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    Superior abrasion resistance properties makes these surfaces durable, keeping them in near mint condition.

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    Climatic Shock Resistant

    Nothing can shock these surfaces. Not even sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

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    With a façade that's resistant to moisture, you needn't worry about humid or wet weather conditions wearing down the exteriors of your building.

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    For buildings that look as good as new, the surfaces have the ability to prevent corrosions that can happen due to environmental reactions.

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    Worried about spray paints, stains, or marks spoiling your beautiful facade? Don't be. Because these surfaces are super easy to clean and maintain.

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    Mechanical Shock Resistant

    With modified phenolic resin providing a great flexural strength and modulus of elasticity, these surfaces don’t buckle under intense force or shock.